Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello folks. I decided finally to stick on my current template. Instead, I thought of getting new blog which I can update regularly. I have some few up and running but I am lagging behind updating them. I just thought of deleting them and choose a better hosting domain.

I keep on getting blogs, but I am ending up neglecting them, so what the heck am I doing? :(
I have analyzed this is not a good move. I would rather get one or couple of blog sites and keep them active as much as possible. In that way, I can work on the links and getting a high PR would be a bonus. I am not up to chasing high PR though. Sometimes, I don't believe it's accurate. Although some sponsors prefer higher PR, it's still is not a hindrance in doing the paid blogging hobby. As I've said, if you get the touch of having a high PR, it's a bonus. (still wondering how that works...except that the lower the number you get, the higher your PR. )Make it a one-digit number and you belong to the top 9. :))

So much for that stuff...meantime, it's time to work!