Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Having fun in my homeland! :)

I am so thankful to God, we arrived safely in the Philippines 11 days ago. I know I am a bit delayed updating, but I find a bit challenging getting closer to the internet these days. Upon stepping on Manila on November 3, our itinerary was followed and we started to get busy, visiting families, buying some stuffs for wedding preps, and hubby had to do 4 essential things for the wedding which was done successfully as well.

Now, we are in Boracay, having fun! Hubby's liking it, and so am I :)

It's our second day today, and mostly cloudy and raining at some times, but we had a nice afternoon swim because it was not sunny. We don't have to worry about sun burns.

Next itinerary.....island hopping! Must be good and exciting seeing God's wonderful nature at sea!

Til next update. have a blessed day everyone :)