Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Manila Ocean Park!

This is one big, good, curious catching news that I've read from the news today. I love aquarium parks, I have had several when my hubby took me to several big ocean parks and aquariums here in the US.

Now, this is one good thing that will make me go back to the Philippines once more. For sure, we wouldn't be missing the chance to get to see the place. Good for our nephews and nieces too :) They are one of the few reasons why we keep on going back to the Philippines as well.

How I wish we could see the highlight of the opening on December this year. For sure this would be a BIG bang...it's really good since it would be a big oceanarium, attached to a commercial complex building.(hotels,mall,boutiques, etc..)

It's a world-class marine park, in Manila. :)