Thursday, March 1, 2012

Body Symptoms That Are Either Harmless Or Dangerous!

Before you freak out because you discovered you have twitching and that would be multiple sclerosis, or you googled something about that little mark on your skin and it must be cancer...step away from your keyboard. Most of them are actually harmless.

But in anyway, here are some cases as to when to just relax or when to see your doctor.

Skin tags that are floppy little nodules which are usually flesh toned but darker are being developed in spots where your skin rubs against skin or clothing, like the arms, around the neck, under the breasts or even on the eyelids are virtually never cancerous and can be easily removed by a dermatologist.
See your doctor if you have a growth that's hard, rough, darker or redder than flesh-toned. This could be a wart, a form of keratosis or possibly skin cancer.

Red Skin Spots described as little, round, bright red spots and bumps on your skin which is most common to those who have fair complexion and age 40 and above are normal which can be blood vessels that haven't been reabsorbed into the skin. As a person ages, more blood vessels are made than absorbed the reason why we get these little red spots. They are technically known as "cherry hemangiomas" or angiomas and they're nothing to worry about.
See your doctor if you want them removed. If the spot is assymetrical, changing in size, shape and color, begins itching and bleeding or looks totally different from any other spots on your body, consult a dermatologist to make sure it's not cancerous.

Shaky hands can be a sign that your blood sugar's dipping and you need to take some protein. But often, they are simple symptoms of stress or anxiety. The shaking can become more pronounced if you're also taking or drinking anything containing caffeine or if you're taking medications containing stimulants or other medications for attention deficit disorder or thyroid disease.
See your doctor if your tremors persist and don' t go away. She may prescribe a beta blocker that can steady your hands by blocking the stress response. A shaking of one hand especially if you're not using it could be a sign of Parkinson's disease and a shaky hands with weight loss, a racing heart and a change in bowel habits can be an overactive thyroid.

Heart palpitations can be side effects of medications like antihistamines, decongestants, anntidepressants and thyroid meds can set your heart flutter. Same thing when you have stress or anxiety particularly if you're taking alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine.
See your doctor if you have any unusual heart symptoms including palpitations that you experience in patterns especially if it comes with shortness of breath with exertion. They can be signs of heart-valve disease or arrhythmias.

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