Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How You Can Make Health Care Reform Pay Off For You

The Affordable Care Act that was passed by Congress made some major changes to health-care laws in the US, but many phase in gradually over the next several years, so better yet take advamtage.

A health insurance company can't drop you if you get sick. Some used to refuse to renew policies for patients diagnosed with terminal illness such as cancer. That practice has been banned.

New health insurance plans must now offer Pap smears, mammograms, cholesterol tests, and some screenings at no cost to you. Currently, this only applies to brand new policies so if your employer changes insurance plans or you buy a new individual plan, you get these freebies. Otherwise, you won't see them for several years.

If you are insured through your work or if you buy a new plan on your own, your kids under age 19 can't be denied coverage because of a disability or chronic illness.

Those employers that have more than 50 workers are now required to provide breast-feeding moms breaks during the workday to express milk-and they have to provide a private place to do it other than a bathroom!

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