Saturday, March 31, 2012

Watch Out For Those Credit Card Fees!

Although the Credit Card Act is designed to protect consumers against fraud, you still need to watch out for some charges.

Nearly 20% of card issuers have raised their interest rates more than 25% over the last 6 months. Avoid this interest by paying on time for 6 months and use less than 20% of the credit limit.

Checking account fees can average up to $180 annually. You can avoid by asking about free checking. A minimal balance or direct deposit of your paycheck maybe required.

Cash advance rate remain high at a lofty average of 21.65%. Try using only this service for real emergencies and never take out more than you need.

Foreign transaction fees including online shopping transactions now average 2-3%. To get the best conversion rate, use a credit card instead of cash when you're abroad and a no-fee card such as Capital One.

ATM fees were raised 13% last year with per transaction charges averaging as high as $3.50. Ask for a cash back when making a debit card purchase.

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