Friday, February 15, 2013

Dog Etiquettes, Pros & Cons at The Park

Dog parks are the best place for your furry friend to have social interactions, not only to other dogs but to humans as well. But there are some instances when your dog can create trouble in the park and you (and your dog) would mess up everything, right?

So, at least there are basic simple steps to at least consider when taking your dogs to the park which can be helpful for you and your dog as well.

First, be sure you are obeying all posted park regulations.

Second, never take your sick dog to a park.

Don't bring a female "in season" in or near the park since there are un-neutered males that are more likely to be aggressive than neutered ones.

Don't bring your pet's favorite toys or treats which can create squabbles.

Choose a leash made of cotton or nylon web. Don't use retractable lash because it can cause serious injuries to dogs.

It's much safer not to bring your dogs younger than 4 months old since they are not fully inoculated yet, and may also be easy prey targets for some bigger dogs.

Always pick up your dog's mess and bring with you supplies such as baggies if the parks don't have them.

Learn and be familiar to know your pet's body language such as particular stress signals.

Train your pet to follow basic commands and he will be much easier to control.

Your pet's collar should contain a country license or rabies ID. Let them be micro-chipped and attach a tag too.
Don't leave a choke chain collar on your pet when visiting the park because another dog's tooth caught in a ring during play can cause them to be strangled.