Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Upgrade Your Resume!

Are you blaming the market because you have been turned down many times from job interviews? There might be one thing you need to focus on... your resume! 
For the past few years, the best method of practices regarding resume' writing have changed a lot. So, it's probably time to upgrade yours.

You can avoid and/or correct some errors which can now be considered as outdated.

For instance, putting multiple contacts on your resume' can look dated; Just simply state your phone number and email without labeling them as such.

Language cliche's which are commonly used in resume's are now virtually considered to be meaningless. You can skip them and instead use keywords from the job ad that will help you get past the resume'-scanning programs many firms use nowadays.

In some cases, you don't need to be describing past employers. For example, a young hiring manager may not have the same scope of industry knowledge you do, and he won't be able to put your experience into context.

Putting your dates on the left is now considered outdated! That's outdated formatting. You can list years instead of months on the right after your title and the company.

Be specific about projects you've done and name some of your clients if you have given the permission.

So, be ready on your next job interview. And don't forget to relax, smile and be confident on how you market your skills.