Monday, February 4, 2013

Ipad Mini vs. Galaxy Tab. 2 - Review (Part 1)

Okay, so I got the chance to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab (v. 2) while I was in the Philippines (01/22/13). I've been an Apple user for 3 years now, (and still will be). Last November 3, 2012 I was able to get the Apple ipad mini as an additional to my Apple "babies" of course. ;)

I have to tell it honestly, that I am very much satisfied with Apple and its features, but on the other end, I thought of trying either a Samsung tablet or phone which were the "copycats" from Apple...I don't mean to be rude, but accept it, it was already proven in court! So, be it. Just for comparison, it won't be bad having one. These Samsung products are getting over and beating Apple since Steve Jobs passed away, and many seem to be loving it. Price wise, they are beating Apple, plus the fact that Samsung had extended their gadgets' memories by providing memory cards and SIM cards-enabled phones on their tablets and notebooks.

So, here are my comparisons: Take note that this is not an extensive review. I will only be comparing some features basing on how I look at them and the ease and convenience of using them. I would also be focusing on the apps and features that I use basing on my lifestyle's routine. 

At the first look: Interface

I find the Galaxy Tab much cluttered! A newbie using a gadget such as this might become confused because of too much windows and icons opening. Apple is much more organized. 
While galaxy has apps that can be found in what they called "Samsung apps", "Play store", Apple apps are only placed in Appstore! You also have to consider using the Samsung's "S suggest" icon if you want to check highly recommended apps from Samsung. So, just imagine the clutter. Instead of pushing one button in one place, you have to look at those 3 icons one at a time to look for apps. 
Why can't Google and Samsung combine their apps since they are very much seem to be integrated with Android? right? Well, I don't have any answer yet, but any answers would highly be appreciated as well. ;)


Whoa! There are tons of free apps from Samsung and Google apps. I tried downloading apps like free movie watches...some crashes and just hang up on my tab, and some are just flooded with ads! There are those free apps from Google (Play store) that lead you to Google search and when you check on the links, they don't even look secure!...No wonder why Samsung tablets are very highly prone to virus, unlike Apple ipads! 
Apple apps are safely secured in the Appstore, which is integrated with Itunes. I would like to say, that's probably one reason why Apple apps can't just be downloaded anywhere and are limited for Apple users only. Not even a hacked Apple gadget can get through a safely secured Apple app! Apple just wanted its own trademark to be left mixtures of "monkey business" to that!

That is so far I can say for the moment. I haven't tried using photos with the Galaxy yet. Not even music and some other apps like journals or diary organizers. Although, I was able to download the "Movie Tube" and "Play Movies" which are of course free. I started watching a movie from Movie tube and so far, it's with excellent quality! These are free HD movies. Hhhmmm, this is so far one app I love! :)

So, you see, I don't hate Galaxies!! It's just that it doesn't give the lifestyle apps that I need, (at least for now)...I am still discovering what's in here to take and use.

I think, I would be choosing to make my Galaxy as an entertainment gadget!

Perhaps, my next review would be a Part 2! ....{wink}

have a great day everyone!