Thursday, February 7, 2013

Providing High Quality Ice Machine Equipment

Imagine a place without ice! I grew up in a tropical climate. And I came from a country where it doesn't get cold and it is always hot all year round. And being in the tropics, the need for ice is just as important as needing water to drink.

In the old days, it must have been so hard for many ice producing companies to supply ice using the old traditional method. But today, more and more ice machine equipment is being developed for the better. Thank goodness for fast developments in technology! It makes everything easier for people to do different things.

On the other hand, there is what we call dry ice. It is considered to be essential as an effective coolant, just like your freezer. Aside from being considered a very effective coolant, did you know that dry ice is also used in cleaning for various types of industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industries? The process is called dry ice blasting and is effective in removing grease, adhesives, oil, coal dust and many other chemical coatings.

Dry ice blasting is also non hazardous and safe because dry ice is non-toxic, thus it is environment-friendly.

It is a much better process as a replacement for the traditional high-pressure cleaning, non-abrasive, and the process itself is not messy because no waste materials are produced during the cleaning.

If you have good dry ice equipment for dry ice blasting, you are on the right track of not only helping various industries but helping the environment as well.

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