Sunday, July 3, 2011

Calendar, Planner or Organizer?

Which one is really for you to use?

If your routine only involves appointments, a basic calendar usually gets the job done. Whether you go with paper or electronic planners, you simply need one that gives you enough space to write your daily appointments.

If your daily task is too busy and you have many things to do such as breaking down projects into lots of smaller steps, you're more into a planner person. Go with both electronic and paper versions and shop for one that says "task management" on it that has a clear system for prioritizing to-dos.

If you like the idea of having a space to keep track of addresses, doctor's contact info. family medications info, shopping lists, as well as appointments and to-dos, you need an organizer that includes calendars, task management systems and space for storing all sorts of your information. Search for a package that lists exactly what you need like allowance tracking, workout tracking, menu planners, etc...

And yes, looks does matter! :) When it comes to PDAs and paper planners, you'll use the thing a heck of a lot more if you like it. So, make sure you enjoy looking and using at it and that it really fits your personality.

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