Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Your Headache Means

Headaches more often affect women than men. But whether you're a man or woman, find out how to get relief:

If you feel headaches all over your head, it could mean you're tired. Get a nap.
If it's impossible, sip a cup of coffee. Caffeine can counteract changes in the brain that causes head pain.

If you feel dizzy and there's tightness around your head, you could be dehydrated. Drink fluids preferably something with electrolytes like a sports drink or ginger ale which can help work faster. Take aspirin for pain, safer than acetaminophen when your body is dry.

If you have a band of pain around your forehead, probably you're stressed. This pain often comes with neck or shoulder pain and tend to occur in the afternoon when anxiety levels are at high.
Relax with deep breathing or gentle stretching.

If you have headache on one side of your head, it could be migraine especially if you're sensitive to light, or just your hormones (for women). For women, it usually is caused by a drop in estrogen before your period.
Migraines and hormonal headaches often don't respond to OTC medications.
Meditation can help, or you can talk to your doctor about RX options.