Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making The Most Of Your Doctor's Appointment

Your doctor's appointment time is always crucial, so make the most of your time with it since it can just happen in the "blink of an eye".

First, note down specific concerns or symptoms you have before appointment. Try to brush up on your family history which can help your doctor decide whether and when to screen you for certain conditions.

Next, tell your main problem first even if you have 15 more others you want to discuss. Tell at least 1 or 2 complaints to your doctor upfront. Narrowing things down will help ensure that your most pressing problem gets addressed.

Telling your major life events to your doctor like a divorce or recent job loss is fine. It can actually help him assess your physical/mental health thus can provide you with better care.

Finally confirm your appointment about what happens next. Will your doctor call you with test results? Or should you call or wait for a mail? Do you need to see a specialist or return for follow-up?