Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Am I silly?

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I need someone to check and see if I have a target on my back. My last three trips to the grocery store have been full of anger. The first two trips I saw that I paid for items that I did not buy. One of the ?ghost? items cost $3.99 and the other item cost almost $7.00. I had seen these items advertised on my EXPERTSATELLITE.com satellite channels but I was not there to buy them. On the last trip, I had a coupon to receive $2.00 off of an item and it was not deducted. I spent more time at the customer service desk talking to the manager than I did shopping. This is the reason I prefer using the self-checkout lines. I have never had a problem when I used those lines. I also know that my groceries are bagged the way I like and no one is grumbling about my request to use my cloth shopping bags. There needs to be an alternative to the grocery store. I am getting very tired of having a shopping trip turn upside down.