Monday, August 15, 2011

Refurbished MRI Equipments

Here is one good site to check on when it comes to getting your medical imaging products and services. If you own a clinic, a hospital, or a doctor's office, this is the ideal supplier to get in touch with. The company is called Chicago Medical Exchange or ChicagoMedX for short when you want to search the company online.
Refurbished or slightly used mri equipment does not mean low quality! And for sure ChicagoMedX only offers the equipment to be in top-grade and still considered to be of high standard and good condition to properly diagnose patients without thinking that the equipment used is already outdated.
There is also a used ct equipment (computed tomography) available if you need one that is much affordable. As I have said, those equipments are refurbished, or many call it second class or slightly used by some but are still considered and categorized as good as new.
Equipments such as used pet ct (Position Emission Tomography) and (Computed Tomography) are still essential as diagnostic tools for physicians to help them come up with a correct diagnosis when it comes to presence and severity of cancers.

By the way, ChicagoMedX also buy any other equipments related to all medical imaging products such as the C-arm, ultrasound, Mobile X-ray, and many other products aside from mri, ct and pet equipments.