Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enjoying The Cruise

I recently had my first cruise with my husband 2 weeks ago and I really can say it was amazing, awesome and unforgettable experience! I love it, and if they would ask me to do it again, I would definitely say yes! ;).
Unfortunately, we went with a different cruise line, but as far as I am concerned, I wouldn't hesitate trying Cunard cruise lines the next time around.

Our four-day Caribbean Cruise wasn't enough for me. I love everything, the food, the tours, the water, the pool, the Caribbean weather! I don't need to wonder why, because I am a tropical person all my life, lol. I told my husband, I want to do another cruise with longer days. He agreed with me, and it's just a matter of deciding when because of our busy schedules at work.
Cruising is really an ideal time to spend the perfect R & R as they would say, and I agree with that.

A mediterranean cruise seems to be interesting. I have been thinking of visiting European places as well. It must be some kind of an all-in-one vacation because of the packages.
I also bookmarked Cunard's website. The hot deals are definitely worth checking.
Boy! I thinkg cruising would be my most favorite vacation to do if ever! ;)
Hubby, I hope you're listening! ; )