Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Office Supplies

It's nice to work in an office that have complete supplies, convenient furnitures and equipments. They are one vital factor that can act as our good consolation when tough times come, don't you think? I have worked in an office for six years and I can say I have enjoyed and had fulfillment in it. I have been through tough deadlines and due dates, but they were all worth it ;).
I love paper works. Until now, whenever I go to the mall, I still won't skip the office supply store if there is one around. Although I am not planning to buy anything, I would always end up buying something before going out of the store, lol!

I always consider buying any office paper whenever I feel getting one because I love to write. In fact, I got several packs of writing pads still unused. I like buying extra for back ups.

Sometimes, it is really funny when I and my husband would go to an office supply store because he would be buying pens...and more pens and those presentation folders for his teaching class. Then, I would be buying papers and more papers. We always end up having stacks of papers and pens at home, lol! Oh, and those extra folders will still be given to me after :).