Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Live-Your-Dream Tips

Don't let your dream stay as dreams! Work for it to attain it.

Figure out what you want. Instead of dwelling on your resistance, focus on what you want - such as the joy of creativity.

Shift your perspective like turning a chore into a choice by changing your language from have to to want to. This way, you will be more productive and have more fun.

Make at least 3 lists every night before you go to bed.

(1) Wins: These are the things you want to congratulate yourself for what you accomplished that day.

(2) Do: Take note of those wants you identified and jot down more steps you'll take the next day to help you achieve one of them.

(3) Be: Here, write the qualities you want to express that make you feel good about yourself and how to lead your life.

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