Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Wardrobe Tips - Organizing Your Closet

Make it a habit to clean your closet every 6 months. Do one purge in early spring (for warm weather clothings) and another in early fall (for sweaters and such).
A pare-down rule: If you haven't worn them in a year, it must go!

Get a shoe organizer which is more space efficient rather than storing your shoes in individual boxes, plus you can easily see what you own in a glance.

Once your closet is cleaned, make a list for the top 5 purchases you need. For a woman, here are 5 items necessary to own:

1. a fabulous pair of trousers for work
2. a pair of dark-wash boot-cut jeans.
3. a comfy yet stylish dress for the office or your kid's choral concert.
4. black patent-leather shoes that you can use for work and evening occasions.
5. a soft flowing feminine top that also shows your shape.