Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cleaning & Organizing Your Junk Drawer!

If you get the habit of checking your junky drawers once in a while and have time to organize them, you'll get use to it as the time goes one, so that you would always be ending up having a clean and organized things in it.

First step is to drump all the contents of your drawer on the floor and wipe the drawer down. Toss all teh garbage, and move those items that you need in a pinch that don't occupy much storage space. Find other places exclusive only for your make up set and accessories.

It would be good to organize your stuff by boundaries such as buying some acrylic organizer. Then group your items into categories such as one place for all writing stuff and another could be mini-tools that you use a lot. All the rest can go to a tool box.

Check it every 3 months. It will become a habit ;).

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