Friday, December 28, 2007

First Meta-Social Search Engine

Have you heard about this first Search Engine that is a Hybrid-Meta-Community and at the same time a social engine? If not, then try this one that keeps even getting better with lesser spams from It is now highly compared to Google, Yahoo and MSN results, but the good news is that it keeps improving. It is considered to be highly competitive to that of a Google Page rank which is being done far more democratic than what Google does. They do it in a way where people would be voting and commenting which can then be translated into a CV (color value) rating system. In this way, people at the same time is improving the results considering that this search engine has lesser spams. This is one cool thing. They have a custom made tool bar for bloggers with their logo on it which help promote lots of traffic. Now, look who's talking...I'm gonna try it!