Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grizzly Man

Last night, I came into switching the TV to animal planet, and then I saw this show entitled "The Diary of a Grizzly Man." The show was about to end, but I was able to see some of the scenes about Timothy Treadwell who was in the middle of a bear country forest. I am fond of watching bears as I do love watching animals :)... In the said video was mostly done by Timothy all by himself while he was on close encounters with the bears. Other parts of the video that shocked me was when he started yelling and screaming and cursing! They edited the cursing part with a beep sound on TV, but it is still obvious by sight. He would have clenched fists and challenging everybody...(am not sure who was he referring to, but as I was trying to catch up on what the entire video was all about, he was referring to the bear poachers I guess. He seems to be an avid supporter for bears, he studies their behavior, and live with them in the forest. Then, there are times he really was talking weird, and would be shouting "I am great!, "___CK You"...etc.
It turned out he died being attacked by a bear, as it was related by a group of his friends. His girlfriend, Amie was with him several times in the forest too, and she too died. The reason of her death was still doubtful to some, that she was either killed by Timothy or she was also killed by a bear.
The group of Timothy's friends had as well gathered some conclusions that Timothy was alcoholic, and has psychological problems. (Obviously, you can really read how his behavior was in his series of videos, being inconsistent at times.
Timothy's close encounters with the bears were really impressive. I mean, it's tough being with bears and poke their nose! (which he and her girlfriend did in the video). But I guess, this is not an ideal stuff to let the kids see on TV. It's not worth recommending...No wonder, I stayed up until 2am. Good thing it's in the we hours in the morning. Kids are asleep. Hhhmmm, how about those kids who were awake that time...who loves animal planet???...oh, I would like to think they were just holding on tight on their gameboy! Lol!