Monday, December 10, 2007

Shopping Cart Software - US

If you're planning to put up your store online, why not try Ashop Commerce? ? It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online and is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software.

In this software, you can create your new online store or if you have already one and wants some upgrade, you can do it with Ashop too! Try the 6 outstanding features and you'll not regret it.

1. Affordable - you don't need to spend thousands of money for an online store because Ashop is here.

2. Easy - you don't need to learn complicated programming codes to set up your store, because it's a web-based and no installing required. You can try their 10 day test drive for free and see how it works.

3. Full technical support and customer service.

4. Easily Found on Search Engines.

5. Customisable Designs wihtout restrictions. You can choose what you want without limits.

6. Total Soulution - for your security, free emails, full fraud alerts, and others.

Ashop Commerce is an award winning shopping cart and ecommerce software, which means it's really credible and worth your money.

Try this ecommerce software now and you won't regret it.