Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sightseeing Tours

I am a frequent traveller. Do you love going on tours? I do, and it has been a memorable vacation experience for me doing it with Trusted Tours & Attractions. Experience wise, this tour company is doing a great job.
One unforgettable experience I had was our Old Town Trolley Tour of Washington DC. We got tickets for the DC trolley tour so, from Union Station we boarded the DC trolley. It was supposed to be a full tour of the entire DC tourist destinations, but we planned to stop at the US Capitol and had a tour inside. It's a long tour since they do it by batch, so we decided to stick to this tour for today. This was my first time seeing the US Capitol, a very famous landmark that I have been wishing to see all my life :) I must have been lucky that I still got to see the building inside too. Although we have been in the US capitol building for more than couple hours, we were still able to pass by Lincoln Memorial, the Mall, Smithsonian, etc. There is so much to be done when doing Washington DC tours. You won't regret doing it. Let's face it, once you are on tour, sightseeing tours are always a highlight. Here's the good news from Trusted Tours. You can now sign up for a travel e-newsletters and win a HandHeld GPS! That's a big bonus, right? Sightseeing is much fun to do, and getting a handheld GPS should have been much better too! Have fun!