Tuesday, January 15, 2008


High School Sports can be a lot of fun to many. And as technology soars up into this modern world, same thing with social networking sites that add up almost every day on the internet. Did you know that there is already a social networking site for high school sports? It's called TAKKLE. It's actually like a myspace platform, or any other ordinary social networking sites that are active on the internet today. But I consider TAKKLE unique in the sense that it is made exclusively for athletes or sports endeavors. It's both actually designed for the athletes and coaches. Once an athlete joins, he/she can form his/her own group for updates, can organize time practice schedules, and shares photos as well. Coaches would feel more convenient using it too. TAKKLE has great tools to organize game and practice schedules; communicate efficiently and confidentially with team members; scout teams and players for up-coming games; and help players connect with college coaches in a way never seen before. It will also offer full access to complete game statistics, as well as photos and videos for hundreds of thousands of individual athletes and teams from across the country. To summarize it all, it is for all over the world, wherever you are as long as internet is accessible of course, And by the way, don't forget the fans!...yes, they have home for it on the site too! Cool isn't it? Fans are allowed to track the progress of their favorite players and teams, receive up-dates on stats and games, check profiles of players, view videos and photos that have been up-loaded from recent games, post comments, and add ratings. It is really good for die hard sports fanatics out there, what do you think? Join now...take note, it's FREE!