Tuesday, July 1, 2008


American Art Clay Company (AMACO) has been doing a great job by manufacturing high quality materials that are safe and nature friendly specially for kids. AMACO was a pioneer in creating a lead-free glazes that started in 1951. Today, products such as ceramic pottery kiln are safe because of its lead-free nature and components. Brent and AMACO potters wheels are also good trademarks because of their popularity all around the world. These products are highly strong and durable, the reason why many customers prefer it. AMACO also offers a pottery supply. This section is composed of tools and accessories, brushes, ceramic supplies, drape molds and texture slab molds that use to protect and extend the life of your ceramics and kiln. Ceramic glazes need more caring and protection, and so supplies such as Amaco Gum Solution is also available to revitalize old and thick glazes; Amaco Kiln Wash helps prolong shelf life; Amacote which is for metal enameling and Amaco SP-Mender for fixing broken greenwares. There are more ceramic supplies available on the site. Feel free to browse the site and find out why AMACO has been the industry leader in safety for Ceramic products and equipments :).