Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Where's My Laptop?"

While I was scanning the papers a few days ago, this headline pulled into my attention. I travel a lot with my laptop, and so far, I still get my laptop at the end of the Xray machine. I think it's just that I always put it on my list as a top priority, second to my wallet of course! :).
Did you know that there are thousands of laptops lost at airports each week? It's unbelievable reading it but true. LA Int'l Airport ranks the first with 1,200 laptops lost per week, while Miami International ranks 2nd with 1,000 laptops lost per week. Now, these are not ranks to be proud with but it connotes an alarming alert! BWI ranks 21st with only 125. We haven't been rushing to catch our flight, so that's perhaps one of the good reason why my laptop is still with me after passing the security.