Friday, July 18, 2008

Is the Blue Man a Fraud?

Have you heard about Mesosilver? Well, it's a true colloidal silver mineral supplement produced by Purest Colloids, Inc. based in New Jersey. Purest Colloids manufactures high quality nanoparticle metallic colloids that are used as a dietary supplements to help promote health and well being.
Regarding the Blue Man Fraud, the news was blown out of proportion to scare the public about using colloidal silver products. It was a story of blatant misrepresentation. Paul Karason, the man who turned blue was further found to be using home made silver compound made of highly concentrated ionic silver solution. Paul believed he made a colloidal silver but he wasn't. He made it more worse when he tried adding salts to the brew and used electrolysis making the mixture develop high concentration of silver chloride which highly causes argyria, - a condition that turns the skin into a blue-gray color. To make the story clear, it was just a story of fraud against the use of colloidal silver products so nobody would buy them.
Mesosilver does not turn you into blue! least that's how it was guaranteed through the website. If you have some doubts, read further about colloidal silver products or contact the site.