Monday, September 12, 2011

Boost Your Memory!

Are you that person who often forget your phone, or your keys, or have trouble remembering the name of your neighbor who definitely remembers yours?
Then you need a breather!

Did you know that people who meditate at least 20 minutes daily even for just afew days can do four times better on memory exercises than those who listened to an audiobook for the same amount of time?

According to a recent study from University of North Carolina, there is a simple meditation routine that they are actually recommending some participants to do it. These participants were told to focus on the changing sensations of their breath. That means acknowledging their worries or thoughts in their head but then letting them go and returning their attention back to the action of breathing in and out?

Try it and you will find it easy! ;) And if you can't carve out a full 20 minutes, the researchers believe that as little as five minutes will provide some of the same benefits.

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