Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finding The Best Painter For Hire

If you want to save bundle on exterior work for painting, hire the right painter and use the correct tools.
It would always be smart to get referrals from friends and tradesmen or check reviews from Then ask 3 painters for written bids and compare how each of them promises to wash, scrape and sand. Before you choose, check out the exteriors of former customer's homes; it's worth hiring a pricier pro for a good result.

Be sure your bid includes a coat primer on any exposed wood and 2 coats of finish paint on everything. At least 80% of your cost is labor, so maximize the investment with the longest lasting paint you can get.

It helps to use a spray gun which is quick but that hinders adhesion on wood siding which shortens the life of the paint job. So make sure that your painter will use brushers or rollers - or at least will brush or roll after the sprayer for wood sidings.

When it comes to warranty, it's not the length of coverage that matters most. A one year warranty is okay as long as it states that the painter will fix any issues (such as peeling or bubbling) without exclusions.

Though moost paint jobs last 5-7 years (depending on the climate and the age of your house, etc..), regular maintenance might extend it to 10 years. So, choose a painter who is willing to come back yearly to touch up worn or peeling areas. That will cost a few hundred bucks per visit, but you can save bundles in the long run.

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