Friday, September 16, 2011

How's Your Coffee?

Can you just imagine your world without coffee? Well, probably you won't care if you never drink coffee at all. But let's face it, even non-coffee lovers are still drinking coffee. I am not a coffee lover, but I still drink coffee. You know, it's not that you have to be a lover of coffee in order to be somebody or something, lol! But it has been proven all around the world that coffee aroma is just irrisistible!

My husband is a coffee lover. He can't have a day right when he can't drink his coffee in the morning. Thank goodness for coffe shops as well. That's a big help to make working people become perky ;).

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It is a must for someone on the go to have espresso machines at home, don't you think? Afterall, most families at home have them.

By the way, how was your coffee this morning? ;)