Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enhancing Your Gratitude Attitude

They say saying a grace is only part of the appreciation equation. But enhancing your attitude towards gratitude is vital as well.

Try to enlist a friend and ask her/him to be your "gratitude-accountability partner."You can email each other with things you're thankful for in life. Having someone to answer to will keep you disciplined.

Make a list of the tough breaks you've gone through like loss of a loved one, a lay off or a divorce. Recounting what you've been through and survived will help you appreciate what you have now. Try to ask yourself; - "What personal strengths grew out of the experience?" "How has it helped me value the important things?" These will provide new perspective on life's hardships.

Imagine about what it would be like if something you're now grateful for never happened. Focusing on how much worse off you'd be without the things in your life that make you happy helps you appreciate them more.

When you feel yourself dwelling on the negative, jot down what's bothering you. Then, cross it off, substituting it with something you're grateful for.

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