Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Helping Feed a Neighbor In Need

Surprisingly, there are still Americans going hungry. So, even in our own little way, we can at least start something to help them in a way we can.

Get to start organizing a food drive. They can provide as much as one third of the food at pantries. You start it easy by organizing a monthly program to pick up canned goods that residents leave on their porches and bring them to local shelters. Try sending emails to at least 30 neighbors and offer to pick the goods from their porches. No matter how busy people are, they can still able to contribute in a concrete way.

Try hosting a schoolm community or church bake sale and donate the proceeds to the Great American Bake Sale. This also benefits Share Our Strength, an organization that works to ensure that no child in America goes hungry.

Support your local food bank. Try locating one between your home and your grocery store at or Most needed items are canned meat and fish, soup, pasta, rice and some personal items like toothpaste and soap.

You can give a buck to, the nation's largest hunger relief charity, and they will provide seven meals to people in need.

Pledge your support by signing the online petition at where you can receive information about events in your community that help eradicate hunger, plus ways you can volunteer.

Browse and every daily visit, the site will donate a cup of food to a hungry child.

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