Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rosemary - A Remarkable Herb!

It seems Roesmary is the new hot herbal tea in move over, chamomille ;). Drinking its tea may help beat bloating by reducing water retention.

Rosemary is also good for dry, itchy scalp according to medical specialist from Boston University School of Medicine. Its oils help increase circulation which ease dryness.

This herb is also being used to prep burgers and steaks which could make them safer to eat. Grilling meat causes potentially carcinogenic chemicals to form, and rosemary has anti oxidants that can reduce the levels of these compounds by up to 92% according to a study.

Rosemary is also a good brain booster. So, if you need to make a long speech, it helps to smell it beforehand and can help new info sink in your brain better. It is because Rosemary has an aromatic compounds that acts on the neurotransmitter systems involved with memory.

This herb can also be a muscle soother, so think of it as your natural icy hot! :) It contains many therapeutic oils that can help muscles loosen up.

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