Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big and Tall Clothes for Men

If you are a man who is 6'2" taller and/or weigh at least 225 pounds, then you belong to the king size. This size are perfectly for men who are obviously bigger than regular sizes. You would actually know it right away if those regular men's clothings hanging at those racks on the mall are far away from your fitting, which are tight for you to bear ;).
But don't worry. Shopping for your size online is not that hard because KingSize has it all. This online shop are all ideal for mens big and tall clothing whatever style you need.

The store has a huge selection of stylish apparel for men like dress wear, sportswear, active and outer wears, underwears and even men's shoes. The items are designed exclusively for "bigger" sizes or king sizes.

I am also receiving a regular catalog from the mail. I can't seem to remember why I am receiving KingSize catalogs, but I think it's because they discovered I frequently shop online, lol!
But the good thing I can share with you, is that they offer very affordable prices. My husband has a regular size, so I can't buy him from here.

If you need king size items as gifts, this site is worth checking.