Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bingo, Anyone?

Way back in the mid-70's, where CDs and DVDs are not yet around, I learned to play bingo with mom and dad. I find it fun because mom and dad used to play with a monetary prize, so whoever wins gets the prize. That made me play more and more aiming for the prize! :).
Of course, it was still the common bingo game where you use cards and chips. We had bunch of bingo cards in a big box, and we used different chips when playing, - shells, stones, beads, soda caps, etc...LOL! It didn't matter, we still had lots of fun!
Nowadays, kids are really lucky enough to play games on CDs or DVDs. Well, adults are included as well. isn't it that we join our kids playing games on DVD? Fun, isn't it?
Take for example, Disney Bingo. This is really great for the entire family. For kids, Disney DVD Bingo lets them learn while they play. It's like having fun while learning, isn't it cool? One attractive feature is that they can play with their favorite Disney characters and movie clips while at the same time kids can learn about colors, numbers and matching skills.
To purchase your own copy of Disney Bingo game, visit Amazon.om or Drugstore.com. Grab one now before they run out of it. You can't just afford your kids to miss this big fun of learning, right? And fun for you too :).