Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flight Attendant Career

If you love to take careers in the airline and hospitality industry, you are just starting to plan for an enriching career for your future. Of course, you deserve to get a good training and education from a flight attendant school, - The International Air and Hospitality Academy in Vancouver, Washington, considered to be the leading institute in America. The institute has the educators and necessary programs that will give you the necessary skills to start your career.
As a dedicated learner and trainee in pursuing a flight attendant career, you can start a new career with the airlines in just ten weeks, with their accelerated program that is specifically designed to prepare you for customer service positions in the airline industry. From here, you can have the opportunity to learn passenger service skills and sales techniques, as well as technical skills and confidence that help you boost your chance of promotions throughout your career. This accelerated program focusing on specific airline skills can easily land graduates immediately qualified for reservation sales, ticket agent, and ramp agent positions. This will then be just a few more steps closer to your flight attendant career. Challenging but fun, right? Get started today!