Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holidays in Pembrokeshire

I am looking forward to visiting London someday. It's one of my dreams to spend a memorable vacation there. I am thinking that this dream is just so close to becoming real since my husband and I travel a lot :). Then, I have learned about Celtic Haven located in Pembrokeshire just situated at the heart of Pembrokeshire National Park and has excellent access to the country's motorway network. From the view itself, it's really stunning! I believe it would be a great holiday destination then. And come to think of it. If our future plans would push through, I can further be enhancing my golf skills from their cool Golf programme at Celtic Haven as well. For me, that's cool!
Golf Holiday Wales can be considered a blast of fun with a luxury vacation at hand in Celtic Haven, don't you think?
Wll, if you think playing golf is expensive, think again. At Celtic Haven, golf is for everyone from beginners to the experts! The golf course has a 9-hole headland viewing over Caldey Island. It also has the Golf Academy if you prefer playing indoors. There are so much things to do holidaying in Celtic Haven aside from golfing. If you are planning for a great and memorable wedding, a place to stay, or if you love luxury spa or just love to eat and drink, Celtic Haven has it all for you. Now, that's what you call a real holiday vacation!