Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SportsVids Contest - Join Now!

This site is ideal for recommendation for those who love sports...and also for everybody else as well, particularly to those who love to join contest :). Have you heard about sportsvids.com yet? Here's some basic introduction about the site. SportsVids is a total sports video network where you can play, watch and share your videos online. You can as well make comments on other videos. So, basically, it's a video networking with friends, right? It typically functions like the way many networking sites do, only that you will be with the sports neighborhood :).
So, here's the important news. Sports Vids is currently promoting a contest. In order to join, you must be a member of sportsvids.com. Those members who already signed up during the contest period are eligible to join.
This contest is about promoting SportsVids.com by driving visitors to the web site. Top 3 contestants who refer the most number of visitors will receive sports branded prizes. The first prize winner will receive a new Xbox 360!
If you are interested to join, start signing up now, then you will be given the specific contest instructions on the site. For those who are already members, all you have to do is follow the contest rules.
All contestants will be ranked according to points everytime a visitor clicks the SportsVids site link. One click equals to 1 point. During the entire contest, you will also be able to monitor your contest rankings in real time on the site wherein Sports Vids will be displaying the top ranking users by points. In that way, you will be more challenged and encouraged to send the Sports Vids URL to your friends. Cool, huh? The more friends, the better chance of winning, don't you think?
Good luck!