Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DO's and DONT's of Travel Style

Here are some helpful tips to make your travel light and easy. Stay comfy and not look like a tourist-even when you are! :).
  1. Avoid shrink wrapping! - You DON'T want to wear tight and/or cropped clothes to sit on a plane for two reasons: Everything expands, and you want to be able to fall asleep next to someone without exposing extreme amounts of butt or stomach.
  2. Leave the tricky add-ons at home. - Unless you want to make enemies of everyone else in the airport security line, DO keep accessories simple; it's not the time for ankle-tie-espadrilles!
  3. To look chic anywhere - DO add a neatly tailored jacket as an outer layer over more casual underpinnings. It gives you a more polished style; that means you could get on the plane in Duluth (with an upgrade!) and arrive in Paris without looking out of place in either city.
  4. Skip the PJ's. - DON'T think being comfortable while you travel means all style rules are off: The plane is not the place for your gym clothes or your pajamas.
  5. Shorts or not? - DON'T believe that teeny little Daisy Duke shorts are appropriate anywhere. They're fine for the beach, but if you're in a city, they scream "tourist"! A cute dress is an alternative DO anywhere.
  6. The simpler, the better. - DO pack for trips with a simple color palette to keep your luggage light and you looking great. Dress up khaki, brown and white with gold accessories, or gray, black and white with silver :).
  7. Stay Neat. - To look good even after a long flight, DO opt for dark colors like brown, navy or black in lightweight fabrics that don't wrinkle or show dirt.