Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ace That Phone Interview Techniques

Be mindful of your body language. Although you're on the phone, stand up and smile :). Standing helps your voice project, while smiling improves your tone, so pause before answering,

Show you are focused on doing the job by asking the right questions. For example; "what type of job will I be doing?" is a good question. Never ask the question - "how much does this job pay?" Just wait til an offer is on the table before talking about money.

Know where to stand before hanging up on the phone. Ask "how do my skills compare to the competitions?", "how many people are in the running?"; "What are the next steps?". In short, find out your status.

If you want the interviewer to sell you to the higher ups, send a follow-up letter within 48 hours of the screening call. Say something you learned about the position to make an excellent lasting impression.