Sunday, February 27, 2011

Optimizing Your SEO Search

In order for a site to become high ranking through search engines such as Google, you need to have an effective strategy by maximizing your search-engine-optimization (SEO). It takes a while to build a good SEO and it takes a lot of time to do it.

But one of the most important thing to improve your site's performance with the ranking factors is the strong use of keywords associated with a page and the organization and functionality of your website.

First things first, is choosing the right keywords. You have to learn and discover the search words many customers are using to search for products and services, then build a web content around those words.
The complication is that many websites are all doing the same thing.

Generally, the more popular the search term, the more sites compete for high rankings on that search term, and that is basically you want, but if you don't have limitless resources, aim search terms that have a realistic shot at a high ranking. These are "words and phrases being searched but may have been overlooked by other websites.

Next is how you place your keywords strategically once you've determined the best keywords to use. You can place them in the code and in the visible content of your website. Within the code, place keywords strategically at the top of the page's coding - within the so called head tag which defines the page's overall characteristics.
Incorporate them in the title, description and keyword tags. These are often called meta tags and the codes often begin with that word.
If you have lots of keywords, choose them wisely because search engines focus on natural-sounding language.

Within the visible content of your site, your keywords should appear frequently in your text, as well as in the other elements of a page, including "alt" tags that underly images and in the headlines and subheads on top of a section text.

The third one is trying to build a better website. How you design, organize and build your site will affect its search-engine ranking.
You can line up your content the way people search which means you define to the search engine what you're about.

There are other strategies that you can do that are more technical. If you're not an expert, you need the help of a web developer for assistance.