Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Benefits of Stress

Stress? good? Yes, in the right amount, - and it can make you healthier and happier;).

According to a research, stress at moderate levels can actually boost your health. If you dig deeper on how stress works on your body, here's how:

When you are in stress, your adrenal glands release hormones including adrenaline that increases your heart rate, boosts energy and cortisol, - which increases glucose in your blood stream. When your body gets overwhelmed with these chemicals for a long time, like weeks or months, you start to get ill.

But stress like a day or less can make your body more efficient and your mind become sharp.
You can use stress without letting it use you! Here is how:
  • Stress makes you smarter, and you can channel it to strategize. According to a research in New York, it suggests that stress can enhance memory and learning for a small burst effects of cortisol in the brain. So when you're unable to sleep, don't force it, but instead sit down on that report or spreadsheet, then catch up with that rest when you're calm again.
  • Stress makes you nicer and you can channel it to reaffirm relationships.
    While you're stressed, your body produces oxytocin, - a hormone that facilitates bonding, making this a good chance to call and reconnect with friends.
  • Stress makes you heartier and you can channel it to heal your body.
    A burst of stress can prime your body to fight future ailments. It can boost your immune system with long term effects, according to a study in Stenford.
Enjoy the protective benefits of short-term stress, and be aware that as long as you take some downtime later to breathe, your body's got you covered.