Friday, February 25, 2011

Weight Watchers' Fact vs. Fiction

Myth: Cut Carbs.
Fact: Eliminating carbs drain energy levels and depletes lean muscles mass. Stick with whole grains found in oatmeal and brown rice. They help reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Myth: Intake of fats causes weight gain.
Fact: Although fats have more calories than protein or carbs, including them in your intake won;t make you fat. Instead, aim for avocados instead of doughnuts. Avocados have healthy monosaturated fats, that should be at least 10% of your diet. Transfats in french fries, and saturated fats in baked goods such as cookies should be avoided as much as possible.

Myth: If I work out, I can eat anything I want.
Fact: Hold off on the fridge raid when you're fresh from a workout. A great post gym snack is a water-rich fruit like oranges and apples with protein-loaded yogurt or string cheese.

Myth: Detoux diet is an instant fix.
Fact: Sudden weight loss can have possible side effect of muscle breakdown. Be consistent with how you feed your body. Example, if you want to lose 6 lbs., take at least 6 weeks, - 1 lb. per week.