Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Papaya Power!

Don't belittle this tropical fruit because you will be amazed how powerful it is on what it can do.

Feel bloated? Eat a slice of papaya for dessert. It has enzyme called papain which is good at breaking down fiber that causes gas if undigested.

Make papaya your staple food in your fruit salads if you want to ease symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Bromain is an enzyme present in it which can reduce mucus and inflammation, according to a German study.

Papaya is also a good skin brightener. It has fruit acids and protein dissolving enzymes that remove dead skin cells and even out skin discoloration.

It's also a bone strengthener, because it has folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent osteoporosis - related bone fractures.

And last but not the least, one cup of papaya has just 55 calories ;).