Saturday, February 26, 2011

With Sincere Apologies

In business, nobody wants to lose a good customer. So, if you made someone mad recently, you need to act fast by fixing it.

First, diagnose the problem. If you know the cause why your customer got mad, be ready to fix it. It usually starts when his/her needs aren't met, so the key is really listening to find out what their grievances are.

Next, if you committed mistake, know what the problem is all about, rectify it, then know how all it happened, then fix it quickly. As much as possible, don't delay solving the problem for the customer.

The next step is to issue a sincere apology, and make sure you won't blame others or make excuses for the mistake. Your apology should acknowledge the mistake, shows empathy and state details what are your steps to make sure it doesn't happen again, then thank the customer for his continued business.

Finally, followup with a gift. After the issue has been resolved, be sure to follow up. It's ideal to send them a gift or a card, like chocolates, coffee or office/desk accessories. Don't make it too extravagant, it might signify like you're bribing somebody.
Make your gift something classic and modest.
The key is a concrete and good faith offer to compensate customers for the trouble.