Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Actos Lawsuits

Those patients who are diabetic and are using the drug Actos (Piogliatazone) may (or may not for others) suffer from possible dangerous side effects such as heart attack, bladder cancer and even death.

Although it seems some claim that they haven't had any problems with Actos and had been using the drug for many years, Watts Guerra Craft LLP have filed lawsuits against the drug because of many patients claiming they were diagnosed with bladder cancer from Actos use.

The fact can't be denied when it comes from the medical experts themselves. It would be a sad fate for many more patients who will still buy and take the drug without being warned!

But if you think you are one of those who have taken Actos, and you experience any side effects and consult your doctor right away. Furthermore, you may be entitled for a compensation if your lawyer thinks you have a case as such.
Don't hesitate to seek help from them because you have the right for any injuries and damage you got from Actos.