Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sleep Styles That Say About You

Do you sleep in a prone position? (lying nearly facedown)... it says you're likely to be a perfectionist who is compulsive, persistent and goal oriented. This is according to a sleep expert psychiatrist in New York City. The qualities maybe good for your career but not with your body. It is because sleeping in this position can twist your neck into an awkward position, can put excess pressure on your spine and it is more difficulty to inhale. Avoid waking up all achy by gently nudging yourself into a fetal sleeping position by lying on your side with one pillow between your knees and another behind your back.

Lying on your back can mean an adventurous, confident and receptive personality. It also keeps pressure off your jaw which is crucial for people with painful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. But watch out for this position if you are a snorer. It may trigger undue stress on your airway.
For noisy breathers, buy a full-body pillow that will keep you on your side.

Sleeping on your side reflects the personality to be compromising and appeasing. Those who sleep in full fetal position (with their knees almost hugged to their chest) are introspective and intense.
Healthwise, sleeping on your side curtails snoring, and resting on your left side keeps your stomach active and eases hurtburn says a journal of Clinical Gastroenterology.