Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lesser Sleep, More Weight!

One thing you might not know why you can't seem to lose weight may be lying between your sheets!
Did you know that the less you sleep, the more the chemical called "ghrelin" is being produced by your body? This is an appetite-revving chemical produced by our body, and the more we have this chemical, the lower is our body output with "leptin", a hormone that signals you're full.

Many women seem to be getting up before dawn like for instance going for a workout. But if they are not going to bed early enough, their weight loss efforts can be useless. According to a certain study, it found out that people that are deprived of sleep with low-cal diets lost 55% less body fat than those who are well rested. What they did shed actually was lean muscle mass.

There are also preliminary studies saying that exposure to light from your computer, TV, cellphones may lead to obesity. Melatonin, our body's sleep-inducing hormone is said to be extra sensitive to any kind of glow. Even barely, their lights can disrupt melatonin production, leaving you wide awake and more likely to raid your fridge for food!