Friday, January 13, 2012

The Broken Marriage Bed

Don't let your need for quality sleep tear you and your mate apart.
One in 4 couples nod off in different bedrooms because of sheet-sharing pitfalls. Avoid ending up in a relationship disaster by following proper sleep hygiene by trying the following strategies below:

According to Dr. J. Maas, a Ph.D, an average person moves 65 times a night on bed. So be sure to have a mattress big enough to keep you from feeling each other flail around. Try using separate blankets or comforters to avoid tug-of-war.

If snoring is one problem, the snorer should try nasal strips, or any sleep remedy OTC's and if it doesn't work, get a silicone earplug that can cancel at least 50% of noise. You should be sleeping better ;).
Heavy snoring should as well be checked out by a doctor who can prescribe treatments.

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